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« on: July 01, 2012, 08:51:44 pm »
   -We like to keep words to the minimum. Please censor it if you are doing it. [Trust me, you do not wanna see me in rage mode ._.']
   -You have to be ACTIVE. We are not those picky people who says this must be your only RP and like, if you're not active, we'll kick you out (cuz you guys too special) but please, be active i am begging you.
   - Don't sass other people around. Don't act like you're the leader (unless you ARE the leader XD) [Personal Message to those who are acting like this: Who died and made you the freaking leader?]
   -Spice it up if you'd like (But give your leaders a heads-up please)
   -Pelts are to be semi-real, no odd-color, no neon, no excuses.
   -Name tags are to be be off or on when your leader tells you to.
   -Wings are allowed but StarClan cats have Angel Wings, and DarkForets cats have a choice of Bat Wings, or no wings
   -No prophecies, no being taught by Spirit Cats UNLESS you ask your leader, then the LEADERS WILL TELL FEATHERSTAR.
   -What about forbidden love? Ask the two clan's leaders to have their approval.
   -Do not trespass, do not start a war without approval, or else you will be banned.
   -Don't kill other cats, if they want to be dead then you can, with their approval, their "Yes".
   -Items ARE allowed and you can wear necklaces, feathers, collars, etc. But please DO NOT bring helmets or other stuff into. It exaggerates too much.
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