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Author Topic: New Rules  (Read 1072 times)

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New Rules
« on: September 26, 2012, 04:57:36 pm »
1) If you do not ask and are given premission from the leader, deputy or whomever is incharge of the clan at the time, before you bring a loner, rouge, or non cat character into their camp, they have the right to kill your character.

2) A character limit of 1 clan cat, and one rouge, loner, fox, dog, kittypet, or badger. If the character rule is volated you may only have one clan cat until further notice.

3) When a clan leader makes a decision, it is final. Major decisions or ones we've reveived several complaints over will be assessed by moderators.

4) Once a character has died, it must remain dead and in the starclan, or darkforest map. And cannot return to life unless given premisson, or is a leader with nine lives. Characters in the darkforest, or starclan cannot call on the living and share dreams to "Train" them. Unless told to do so personally by a moderator.

5) Starting a fight with a moderator, or disrespecting them due to a punishment you were given, or because of one of their decisions will result in a separate punishment, or cause your existing one to become more severe. Lying to a moderator is a serious offence, and will be greeted with a severe punishment.

6) If you are not a medicinecat, medicinecat apprentice, or a retired medicinecat. You do not know anything about herbs unless you ask to have medical knowlage. Medicinecat apprentices cannot immidately gain all the knowlage of herbs as soon as they're made an apprentice. If a warrior is injured, and does not inform the medicinecat. They cannot know about it unless it is very obvious. (Ex: Heavy limping, bleeding, ect.)

 7) If you plan for your character to be evil and such. Inform the leader ahead of time of what you plan to have them do.

 If your unsure if you're allowed to do something, ask before you do it. Some things may be frowned apon that are not covered here. If you have questions, comments, or an issue with anything going on in the RP PM a moderator. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SOLVE THE ISSUE YOURSELF.

9) Keep in mind the differences in animals. Foxes and badgers would not, and cannot hang around in camps. Just the same, clan cats even in larger numbers, cannot kill foxes or badgers unless more than 2/3 of the clan is fighting them.

10) This is a new rule, that NEEDS to be added. A time limit before you have to kill off your character. from now on, you must wait two weeks of your cat being in the RP, before the die.

11) You may not switch clans and must stay in the clan you are recruited to unless you ask your leader. Even if your character dies, you need to ask! It is not fair that a clan leader has to sit out recruiting for hours just for someone to swap clans.

These rules have been reveiwed and accepted by Bluesnow26 and are offical rules of RotC.
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Re: New Rules
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2012, 03:43:08 pm »
*loves rule 10*