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« on: July 01, 2012, 08:44:54 pm »
Females and Males: You can have mates BUT your duties and attention are to the clan.
- HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO be active. Like every-single-day active.
- Think for who is going to be the next deputy. They CANNOT be your mate or your kits.
- Deputy will be chosen at a Clan Meeting.
- If you are stuck, ask the Medicine cats for help. They'll take it from there.
- You are the rule enforcers of your Clan. It is up to YOU to read and understand the rules.

You agree leaders, that by taking this position, this is going to be one of your few RPs which you will be active. Like it says, EVERY SINGLE DAY ACTIVE. If you can't handle the pressure of leading your clan, whisper bluesnow26 or PM me on this forum for quitting. DO NOT QUIT WHEN YOU DIDN'T TELL HER YET.
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